Landfill Gas Monitors

IET both sells and rents landfill gas monitors. We offer a variety of assemblies, such as the TVA 1000 and Photovac MicroFID for surface gas emission testing, to the Landtec GEM meters for down well data collection. We also offer single gas monitors and four gas monitors for confined space operations as well as individual health and safety.

Ancillary to this team IET also sells and rents the world’s first down well ‘in-situ’ multi gas data logger called ‘The Gasclam’ which can record and even send using telemetry up to 10 different landfill gases (including water level) without requiring power as it operates of two D cell batteries which will last 3 months of continuous monitoring/use without requiring replacement. This technology was initially engineered and put into production in Great Britain, has been used successfully throughout Europe and now is available in the United States. Please call us for further information.