Pressure Transducer Shroud

IET has evolved a new shroud design that encapsulates our pressure transducers in a weighted HDPE sleeve. This allows you to deploy your pressure transducers down a well or riser pipe assembly separately to the pump and motor. Other manufacturers house their pressure transducers inside the pump carriage. The problem with that is that if the sensor fails or needs trouble shooting, you have to pull the entire pump out, probably requiring heavy equipment then disassemble the pump simply to get to the sensor. With our sensor shroud incorporated into your system, you will not have to do this. The simplest form of initial testing should a sensor give indications that something is amiss is to pull it out of the water and see what happens to the reading, with our shrouds in place, you can do that without even pulling the entire sensor out of the well or riser! This sensor shroud also allows the pressure transducer or data logger to be installed in any direction, for example in mining applications, inserting the sensor into a formation at an angle.  The IET pressure transducer shrouds are made of HDPE plastics with all fasteners being 316 stainless steel, so they can be used in almost all environments, including the most aggressive ones.