Leachate & Condensate Pumps


IET utilizes in its leachate pump design Grundfos pumps coupled to Franklin Electric motors, both of which have been modified with PTFE bushings in the pump end and Viton seals in … READ MORE


At IET we have seen a wide variety of pump shroud (or pump carriages) which other manufacturers have developed, however we have paid particular attention to detail in the design … READ MORE

Pneumatic Pumps

IET is committed to providing a wealth of pumping solutions for landfill owners and operators. As such we have a full line of pneumatic pump assemblies that can be used in a condensate application to ensure … READ MORE



The control panels which we at IET offer are UL 508 Listed for all industries including Municipal, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Commercial, and Irrigation applications. We also have UL698A … READ MORE


Pressure Transducers & Level Control

Level Control

IET offers a line of vented and non-vented pressure transducer for controlling their leachate pumps. The sensors are designed for ruggedness and long life, even in the harshest of environments. Our sensors … READ MORE

Flow Meters

Team IET offers a wide variety of flow meters to suit your budget and site needs. The options range from cost effective flow wheel types through to electronic magnetic flow meters. With any design … READ MORE

Landfill Gas Monitors

IET both sells and rents landfill gas monitors. We offer a variety of assemblies, such as the TVA 1000 and Photovac MicroFID for surface gas emission testing, to the Landtec GEM meters … READ MORE


Environmental & Remediation

Albeit IET’s primary focus is manufacturing leachate and condensate pumping systems, we do have a full line of remedial products devoted to soil and groundwater clean-up projects. We have … READ MORE


Custom Designs

Booster Pump

Through time IET has been approached by clients with applications that were a little out of the norm requiring us to engineer a product that would accommodate the onsite need. One of these … READ MORE

Pressure Transducer Shroud

IET has evolved a new shroud design that encapsulates our pressure transducers in a weighted HDPE sleeve. This allows you to deploy your pressure transducers down a well or riser pipe … READ MORE