IET utilizes in its leachate pump design Grundfos pumps coupled to Franklin Electric motors, both of which have been modified with PTFE bushings in the pump end and Viton seals in the motors. This environmental modification allows our pump assemblies to be used in leachate applications with the confidence of knowing chemically they will be suitable for harsh environments. This pump/motor combination has been used for decades with great success on most of the Nations landfill sites.

These pump assemblies are also used in remediation applications to control and regulate groundwater contamination.

We have a vast array of pumps to select from to meet any site flow requirement.

All of the pump assemblies that we offer go through a rigorous QA/QC test prior to shipping which includes being test tank run to ensure that the pump is performing exactly to the required design point. We offer a full line of electric, solar and wind turbine powered pumping systems for leachate applications, pneumatic pumps for gas condensate applications and solids handling pumps for sites that have leachate/groundwater infused with silts, sands and sediment.

Our power cables are made of the highest grade chemically compatible material. IET’s cables are ‘non splice’ and thanks to our chosen materials of construction provides superior protection against nicks, tear or damage when deploying or recovering the pump from the sump or well.