At IET we have seen a wide variety of pump shroud (or pump carriages) which other manufacturers have developed, however we have paid particular attention to detail in the design of our pump shrouds based on our field experience as well as our clients feedback.

The shrouds we offer are machined using CNC technology which allows us to very accurately put into place a process of manufacturing which guarantees quality, provides us with continuity in production and eliminates even the smallest of errors or manufactured defects during the production phase.

The shrouds are made of HDPE, trimmed and tailed to precisely fit around the pump selected. The CNC machining process then will drill inlet holes around the circumference of the shroud which allows the leachate in. We then place a stainless steel screen inside the shroud to protect the pump from ingesting solid matter.

Our shroud design also includes a very precisely milled anti torque footprint located at the bottom of the assembly which presses against the faceplate of the motor and eliminates any movement of the pump or motor when the assembly either turns on or off. On the discharge end of the shroud we include another CNC milled area that fits around a keyway attached to the stainless steel discharge pipe to doubly ensure that there’s no means whatsoever that the assembly cocooned within, will ever move or rotate. The top end of the shroud is also where the power cable exists. Here you will see we use a strain relief port to prevent any likelihood of the cable being pulled out of the motor/cable interface, which nominally is a weaker point in any pump design.

The shrouds we supply have three main purposes. Firstly, thanks to the use of HDPE, they slide down a riser assembly with great ease. Secondly, the act as a cooling shroud as our motors are cooled by the pump-age. Lastly, they provide protection to the pump and motor assembly within.

On a final note, you will also see our shrouds have no moving parts, such as small wheels that can break requiring replacement or get hung up on beads, welds and seams in a riser pipe application. Our shrouds are light weight in comparison to other stainless steel designs and are cost effective short and long term as there are no potential wear parts that could break or need replaced.